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Continuous Enrollment


Important 2017-18 Continuous Enrollment Update: Click Here

Cascade Christian Schools' Continuous Enrollment Overview

The continuous enrollment payment, which holds your student’s place for next year, is billed the first Friday in February, and is withdrawn in three payments from your FACTS account in March, April and May.*

When there is a change in family or personal information (i.e. address, phone, email, emergency contacts, and medical information), just notify the campus or click on “Information Update” on your campus page.

Tuition Assistance applications need to be completed by April 22, following the IRS tax deadline. Applications can be started any time after January 1.

If you have questions, please check the Frequently Asked Questions. Your campus staff can also assist you. We are excited to provide this easy, seamless process for you and your children to continue being part of our CCS family.

*does not apply to Child Care families unless the child is entering Kindergarten at CCS.


Invite a friend to tour!

If they enroll at CCS, you could earn a $200 tuition credit.
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What are CCS parents saying about Continuous Enrollment?


"Is there a 'like' button? Great idea and tell who ever came up with it thanks!  Keep up the good work!"

~ Parent of two CCS students