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EARLY LEARNING: Infant to age 5
Grades K-6
ELEMENTARY: Kindergarten - Grade 6
JUNIOR HIGH (7-8) and HIGH SCHOOL (9-12)


Cascade Christian Schools is an interdenominational school system serving families with child care through grade twelve, on six campuses in Pierce County. 

Dedicated to helping students explore and discover their God-given potential, Cascade Christian School is a place students are provided with excellent academics, athletics and arts, character development and leadership training opportunities, and are encouraged to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Why CCS? From Early Learning to High School...
    Open House is coming soon, and it creates an opportunity to ask the question, "Why CCS?"

    This week and next, we are asking that question, and we've gotten some great answers already! You can hear the answers first hand (via video) from Early Learning Parents, and also from High School students.

    Then, you can read about the growth opportunities provided to our students on our Elementary campuses, and then also the reasons an alumni says, "Cascade Christian changed my life."
  • Feverishly working behind the scenes at every campus of Cascade Christian Schools is an amazing program dedicated to building the community that is CCS. From Early Learning Centers to High School, there is a group dedicated to each campus.

    Parents for Cascade is a volunteer group of parents who dedicate their time and energy to unite parents through relationship and communication as they support the students, teachers and staff wherever there is a need. 

  • Recently, the Cooksley family took part in Worship Night at CCHS. What started as support for their daughter turned into an evening where they were "inspired by the worship songs, the musicianship, the student messages, the video message, and the overall production. That team really drew me into a worship experience tonight! I went to church tonight, BIG TIME! I left refreshed, and renewed, and really encouraged." (more...)

  • Parent-teacher conferences have been part of Cascade Christian Schools since its beginning. Communication with parents about their child’s progress and the opportunity to see samples of their work kept all the key players in the loop – or so we thought. There was one key player missing when these discussions were taking place: the student.


Multiple Locations
in Pierce County!