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Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders


An elementary education at Cascade Christian provides strong academics in the basics of reading, language arts, and mathematics, as well as a solid foundation in social studies and science, all taught from the perspective of a biblical worldview.

Art, music, physical education, computer, and athletics are also a part of the curricular process, during and after regular school hours. Various classroom activities, weekly chapels, and other school events provide students with opportunities for creativity, service, and leadership development.

We have three locations serving families with children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Choose from our Frederickson, McAlder, or Puyallup campuses!


From a CCS parent:

"I am sad to report that we will be withdrawing our son from Cascade Christian immediately following the last day of school. First, let me say that our experience with CCS, Mrs. Bingham, and Mrs. Peterson has been the single greatest experience we have ever had with our son in a school, and that leaving CCS is simply a matter of distance. Today we signed paperwork to move into a new home. When we enrolled our son in CCS, we did not anticipate moving for many years, but my wife was offered a job earlier in the year that she could not refuse. My wife has been commuting nearly four hours a day, and it is simply not sustainable for her or our family. If there was a way to teleport our son back and forth to CCS from Seattle, well, we would do it in a heartbeat!

This year’s spiritual theme, “Be Strong and Courageous,” couldn’t have possibly been more appropriate. I saw a level of strength and courage I have not witnessed before in any classroom. You see, our son was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome (TS) at the beginning of the school year and both the teachers and classmates embraced him like he was their brother. They prayed for him and helped guide him through a scary roller coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns. I am certain that God put our son at CCS this year because this was the path he needed to walk in order to overcome many of the social barriers involved with TS. He now has more confidence, strength, and courage to deal with TS as he walks a new path. For that, I am very grateful."