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Early Learning

Your child will learn more during their first five years than any other period of their life. From basic hand-eye coordination to the first steps of reading, foundational skills are developed and fostered during this critical time of growth. At Cascade Christian Schools, we strive to make the most of these valuable years. In addition to academic growth, we help children develop socially and spiritually in a nurturing environment.

Creating a Caring Classroom

As young learners venture from their homes and into classrooms for the first time, it is immeasurably important that they feel safe and cared for. Our loving, professional staff works to create an atmosphere that makes this transition smooth for both parents and children. Teachers seek to nurture the needs of each child, helping them create a foundation for years of success as they move through their academic careers and beyond.

Biblical Building Blocks

We believe that it is impossible to fully understand the world around us without a strong biblical foundation. Every lesson and activity at Cascade Christian Schools is grounded in biblical truth, helping children to know their creator more fully. Through activities such as Bible lessons, songs, and chapel, students begin to understand how faith fits into every aspect of our lives.

Playtime With A Purpose

As young learners first explore the world around them, playtime becomes more than just fun and games. Students learn to work with others, developing social skills with their peers and their teachers. The five senses are integrated regularly into student learning experiences. Students are also provided the opportunity to refine coordination through large muscle development, one of the first building blocks toward the fine motor development necessary for handwriting skills. By integrating a wide range of hands-on exercises into our curriculum, students are able to relate with and retain their lessons.

Learn More Today

Are you searching for a childcare or preschool program that’s right for your family? Schedule a visit to one of our four Early Learning campuses today. We offer Early Learning opportunities at the Frederickson, McAlder, and Puyallup Early Learning campuses. We look forward to seeing you!

"My son has been attending Puyallup ELC for over a year now, and we have been so happy with the sense of community and caring we feel at Cascade Christian. We have been so blessed to meet so many wonderful families and work alongside the teachers and staff here at PELC. I love that when we walk through the hallways every staff member and teacher knows my son by name." - CCS Parent

"Our family has had our most challenging year. Between my husband being at police academy and me losing two pregnancies, our daughter was getting the short end of the stick. But Miss Amanda and everyone here have been her rock. She is always safe here. She loves it. Watching her shine at school and be emotionally safe is the greatest thing a mother can witness. Thank you so much!"

~CCS PELC Parent