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Thriving Through 21st Century Education

September 06, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Aava Ferreria entered 2nd grade almost a full year below grade level in math. She was struggling and didn’t look forward to going to her math group. She faced a challenge that may have been insurmountable for an 8 year old to overcome. Then she began to use the 21st century education resources your gift provided.

Your gift to 21st Century Education helped rewrite Aava’s school story. You provided the tools and resources to motivate and propel her forward. Aava has now regained her confidence, and gone from, “I have no idea what I am doing”, to “Wow, I got it right and now I can help my friend!” Mrs. Gruner said of Aava, “Now she is this bright-eyed smiling little girl who likes math, and her confidence is dramatically different.” 

When Aava found out there were people who helped provide 21st Century Education tools for her math transformation, she had this to say: "Thank you, I have been doing like really good in math now!”

CCS Athletes Develop Life-Long Strengths

August 31, 2016
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Zach and Ryan Hersey and Joey and Lindsay Russell are cousins whose twin moms are coaches at CCS.

These four CCS athletes sat down to talk with us candidly about their sports.

It's what they didn't talk about that impressed us. They didn't mention their varsity positions or past MVP status. They didn't talk about their clutch plays or close wins.

Center and D-lineman Zach Hersey talked about his first year playing football: "I felt like I was part of something bigger than a team. I felt the family aspect, the brotherhood aspect of football." He continued, "Everyone is out there to get each other better. Coach says don't play as an individual, we don't want to stand out as an individual. We want to stand out as a team."

All four athletes talked about the relational aspects of being a part of a team, and of life lessons found in CCS sports.

Thank you for giving and providing a strong athletic program for students to grow in.

When asked what they would take with them into life from CCS sports, Zach replied, “Mutual respect. Like, when we run, if someone is falling behind, the coaches said you run as a team so everyone is running with that person, at one person’s speed. And no matter what, win or lose, you put God first.”

Junior high lineman Ryan Hersey had the same message of respect, his take away is, “Don’t look down on people, support people when it looks like they need help.”

Varsity baseball player Joey Russell added, “Coach said to play for the guy next to you, instead of for yourself." He continued, “And team devotions help me stay focused on being a selfless player.”

Joey’s sister, freshman fastpitch and volleyball player Lindsay Russell summed it up well, “When you play for yourself, you come down hard on yourself and it’s not fun. Playing as a team means focusing on others and helping each other.”

Your gift provides students the opportunity to develop life-long strengths through CCS athletics.

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