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Your Gift—The Miracle of Provision

December 07, 2017
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Ellie Keeler loves her school. She likes to play on the tire swing at recess, and science is her favorite subject because she loves experiments. She also loves her friends Zoe and Addy, among others. And she looks forward to helping with chapel worship this year with the other third graders.

Ellie’s family wrote a thank-you note addressed to you: Dear Giver, … we moved here to be a part of a new church plant on South Hill. Without the generosity of those who give to The Cascade Fund, it would not be possible for us to have our daughters at CCS.

Ellie’s family put their trust in God’s invisible hand and said yes to His calling to move to Puyallup. Meanwhile, you were considering your gift, whether out of your lifestyle of giving or in response to a nudge in your heart. It may seem like your gift is your only connection with Ellie. But going deeper, it might be the trust and the listening—the close walk with God and your active faith—that brings you together. Ellie Keeler’s family is in His service, following God’s lead. And this is God’s Kingdom working together, the moving parts of provision and need, calling and obedience. Thank you for being a part of this giving community and living a giving life. In Him we live and move and have our being. And sometimes it takes our breath away.

Here is the rest of the note from Ellie’s family: You have been part of the miracle of provision we prayed for. Thank you! Sincerely, Justin and Heidi Keeler

We Believe

October 15, 2017
By Good2Know Staff Writers

Izzy Velasquez is a fourth grader at Puyallup Elementary who has been attending CCS since her preschool days. She absolutely loves history and enjoyed learning about the Oregon Trail last year. Her favorite thing about recess is having a best friend since kindergarten to walk around with and “talk about life.” Izzy is known as the little girl with a voice that can fill an auditorium and displayed her talent last year when she sang her favorite chapel song, “We Believe,” in the talent share.

Recently, Izzy’s mom, Stephanie, was diagnosed with MS. She said that your gifts “are helping keep the kids in a Christ-centered education with their friends during this time when I can’t just go and pick up extra shifts.” She continues, “The family is adjusting to the changes day by day and [your gifts] are keeping the kids right where they need to be.”

Thank you for caring so deeply and for recognizing the power of a well-placed gift in a child’s life.

Izzy understands the value of being at a Christian school: “I really like singing in chapel. I feel like through music, the Word of God just touches me more.” This is her life and it would be hard to imagine her having to go anywhere else.

Your gift to tuition assistance helps Izzy stay at the school she loves.

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