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Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders

Leadership Development

The learner at CCS is provided abundant opportunities to discover and apply their unique leadership qualities. These opportunities are provided in an academic learning environment (classroom), application venues (Leadership IMPACT) and self-selected activities (athletics, activities, and missions).

Students who graduate from Cascade Christian Schools are leaders who:

  • Humbly serve others with a selfless attitude.
  • Engage and influence cultures for Jesus Christ by living out their Christian faith in their values, attitudes, and beliefs.
  • Honor and glorify God through a sustained, dedicated pursuit of God-given potential.
  • Share God’s love through the diligent effort to love one another and be loved while keeping peace and unity in Christ.
  • Passionately pursue a lifestyle driven by God-given purpose and a biblical worldview. 
  • Live a Christ-like example to inspire and compel others to follow in a similar manner.
  • Possess a God inspired vision and the plans to make it happen.
  • Invest their time and talent to develop the God-given potential of all people.
  • Use a Holy Spirit-driven influence to make positive action in themselves and others.

Click here for information on the CCS IMPACT Leadership Program