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Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders

Personal/Social Maturity

The purpose of personal/social maturity is to develop respectful and responsible people who are confident and compassionate in their relationship with God, others, and themselves.

We actively design each campus environment for learning:
  • By teaching and training common expectations for classroom and common areas (lunchroom, hallways, gym, playground, bathrooms).
  • By reinforcing expectations through positive reinforcement and corrective action.
  • By integrating character development, manners, personal accountability, and positive self-image into the curriculum.
  • By applying the R³ into athletics, IMPACT Leadership, and activities.


Students who graduate from Cascade Christian Schools are learners who:
  • Integrate a biblical self-image, by demonstrating a positive attitude and the knowledge and development of their strengths.
  • Represent godly character by exemplifying morality, integrity, and respect in all relationships.
  • Embrace biblical principles to govern themselves in personal, social, and spiritual choices.
  • Have interpersonal relationships which demonstrate effective communication, positive conflict resolution, good manners, empathy, and a servant-like attitude.
  • Positively contribute to society through active citizenship, responsible stewardship, and effective communication of the Gospel.
  • Demonstrate the CCS R3 in everyday living (see above).