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Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders

Vision 2020: Our Envisioned Future

Vision Goal 1-2020

We are a premier Christian school system recognized nationally for a superior Educational Model process based on biblical worldview training, leadership development, spiritual formation, personal and social maturity, and academic excellence.

Cascade Christian Schools' Strategic Plan 2015-2019:

  • Proficiency and Growth: By June 2018, every student demonstrates academic learning proficiency and growth for every subject for current and next educational grade levels.
    • Compelling Goal: A minimum of 80% proficiency in Math and Reading.
    • 21st Century Skills (5Cs) including differentiation: By June 2017, all students demonstrate 21st Century Skills (5Cs) in every classroom and course, resulting in student learning growth.
    • Student-Led Conferences: By June 2016, in order for the learner to take responsibility for their learning, Student-Led Conferences are implemented, with a core focus on reading and math goals throughout grades 4-8, resulting in student learning growth.​
  • Standards: By June 2019, the Cascade Christian Schools Standards are operational at all grade levels in all subjects, including Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Personal/Social and Technology, through a curriculum mapping process.
    • Curriculum Mapping: By February 2017, a Curriculum Mapping process is implemented.
  • Digitally Enhanced Learning: By June 2017, in order to support 21st Century Education,digitally enhanced learning is implemented.
    • Technology Infrastructure: By February 2017, Phases 2 and 3 of the 21stCentury Campaign are funded through a robust Annual Fund.
    • Digitally Enhanced Learning:
      • Early Learning: By November 2015, digitally enhanced learning is implemented for the Kindergarten Prep classes (K-eligible 4’s and 5’s) through learning centers.
      • Project Lead the Way:​
        • Junior High: By January 2016, PLTW Modeling and Design and Medical Detectives classes are integrated into the core science classes.
        • High School: By January 2016, Principles of BioTech is integrated into the biology classes.
      • Digital Literacy: By June 2016, digital literacy skills are demonstrated at the intermediate, junior high and high school

(There's more! Updates coming soon!)

Vision Goal 2-2020

We maximize our financial and non-financial resources, enabling us to fulfill our purpose and our mission at the highest level of excellence.

Vision Goal 3-2020

We have multiple campuses that maximize enrollment at the secondary level.

Vision Goal 4-2020

We deliver our Educational Model through multiple venues at various educational levels.


Each year, Cascade Christian Schools sets out a Strategic Plan based on Vision 2020.
Specific goals are set and plans are put into place so that Cascade Christian Schools can continue to fulfill the vision God has for our students and families!