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When a student is ineligible as of posted grade check and eligibility date, that student will remain ineligible for the period of time specified:

Grade Check Date (Day 1)—Students are notified that they are not meeting the academic eligibility requirements, and they have one week to improve their academic standing or their eligibility will be compromised.

Ineligibility Date (Day 8)—Students who were on the initial grade check and did not improve their academic standing to the point of meeting requirements will be declared officially ineligible. This ineligibility will last until the student raises his or her grades to meet the academic standards and presents documentation from RenWeb to the school administration—athletic director or principal— to verify academic standing. The student will become eligible immediately upon verification of satisfactory academic standing and remain eligible until the Recheck Date.

Recheck Date (Day 22)—The grades of students who were officially declared ineligible on the Ineligibility Date (Day 8) will be pulled again. Those meeting the academic requirements will retain or regain eligibility. Those not meeting the academic requirements will become or remain ineligible until the next official grade check cycle begins.

Transfer Students

A transfer student is one who previously attended a different high school anywhere in the United States. There are specific WIAA rules regarding eligibility for transfer students and WIAA paperwork that must be completed. If you are a transfer student and you would like to participate in a fall sport, please contact the athletics office at (253) 445-9706 or email Mr. Heltsley.

International Students

Enrolled international students have specific eligibility requirements that must be met prior to participation in a sport. Please contact the athletics office prior to the start of practice.