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Grade checks occur every six weeks. The grade check cycle is below: 

Day 1—Initial Grade Check. Grades have been pulled, and students and parents are being notified via email if the students are on grade check (having more than one failing grade and/or a current GPA below 2.3). This places students into a probationary week and urges them to seek out teachers, turn in missing work, and/or retake tests/quizzes as they are able. Students are allowed to continue practicing or competing this week while on probation; but it may make sense for them to miss practices and/or contests in the name of catching up in a class.

Day 8—Ineligibility Date. Grades are pulled again for anyone who was placed on the initial grade check. If students have NOT worked their way off the grade check, they will immediately be ineligible for competition until they are able to restore their academic standing. Students can continue to participate in practices during this time, but they are not permitted to participate in any athletic contests, and they will not be permitted to miss class time to travel to away contests. They can choose to attend those contests if they can provide their own transportation and attend without missing class time. Ineligible students are not allowed to suit up and give the appearance that they may be competing at an official contest.

Applying for Reinstatement. Ineligible students can submit an Academic Reinstatement Application as soon as they believe they’ve raised their grades to meet the academic standards. It is the responsibility of the student to submit this application to the athletic director. The eligibility committee will review the application and respond within 24 hours, potentially reinstating the student’s eligibility. This application will be shared with any student who is ruled ineligible on Day 8 of grade checks.

Day 22—Follow-Through Day. All students who were declared ineligible on Day 8 will have their grades pulled again—even those who have since been reinstated. Any students who are not meeting the academic standard on this date will be ineligible until the next grade check cycle begins.

Transfer Students

A transfer student is one who previously attended a different high school anywhere in the United States. There are specific WIAA rules regarding eligibility for transfer students and WIAA paperwork that must be completed. If you are a transfer student and you would like to participate in a fall sport, please contact the athletics office at (253) 445-9706 or email Mr. Heltsley.

International Students

Enrolled international students have specific eligibility requirements that must be met prior to participation in a sport. Please contact the athletics office prior to the start of practice.