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A teacher's job is to take a bunch of live wires and see that they are well-grounded. ~D. Martin

April 27, 2016
By Dr. Glenna Frederick, JH Principal

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and words cannot begin to express how thankful and blessed I am to work with our JH teachers. They are a special group of people, and I want to thank each of them in this blog with quotes and snippets from their students:

Katie Barth: Stop by her classroom at 7:45 on Tuesday mornings, and you will see each of her advisory students participate in TACOS Tuesday: a prayer time where students pray heartfelt prayers that represent Thankfulness, Adoration, Confession, Others, and Self.  They can always pass when its their turn to pray in this round robin prayer time....but more importantly, they demonstrate an earnest desire to connect with our Lord through prayer.

"She is super-passionate about English and God!" - 7th grader

"She loves Jesus so much and teaches me so much and tells us how much she likes us.  She develops relationships with the kids and one time walked me through a tough argument with her. She has a heart to serve." - 7th grader

Angela Baldwin: Every morning her students line up outside her door and she greets them with a handshake, smile, and warm welcome. She exudes high expectations and high relationship as she challenges students to stretch themselves in both Math and Science.

"I appreciate how she holds us accountable...and how much she cares about us...and how much she helps us." - 8th grader

"[She] is very energetic and cares a lot about our learning." - 8th grader

Chris DiCugno: During wrestling season you will see Mr. DiCugno come into the lunch room and share wrestling successes with the entire student body and affirm individual wrestlers for their hard work.  He coaches each of his math students toward success and continually looks for ways for each student to be successful.  During lunch you will often find students working through math in his classroom.

"I appreciate his jokingness." - 8th grader

"Mr. DiCugno is very passionate about math and makes the class laugh as a way to get kids excited [about learning]." - 8th grader

Jonathan Engbers:JH students only have him for two elective classes, but he has lead the JH to two first-time ever successful drama productions and enriching their creative expression through art projects and Creative Book Study.  He thinks outside of the box and looks for ways to enhance learning through creativity.

"He is very well educated and always tries to help kids get their homework done.  He is very grace-giving and tries to answer all of our questions and if he can't, he finds out the answer." -7th grader

Roy Hinderer: Outside of school, Mr. Hinderer writes intermediate children's books, plays soccer, and sings in a male ensemble.  He often volunteers for those not so glamorous jobs such as lunch duty and clean up after assemblies.  He is committed to helping his students apply godly principles in the subject matter, and in life.

"I appreciate his enthusiasm." - 8th grader

"I love how Mr. Hinderer always tells crazy stories...he's super funny and nice!" -7 grader

Tegan Hinojos: Leading three different vocal ensembles and three different instrumental groups and having a baby has kept Mr. Hinojos very busy this year.  She lead the JH Creative Arts Christmas Showcase with choreographed organization and helped each of our team members display their student's creativity with grace and support.

"Mrs. Hinojos is super funny and a great teacher." -7th grader

"She is very calm and fun to be with." - 7th grader

Stacy Leeper: We often find Mrs. Leeper on campus way after hours or sending emails about an innovative idea she has about student learning. She is the JH lead for our HS and Beyond Plan and a forerunner in helping teachers understand and utilize new applications such as Naviance and Office 365.

"Mrs. Leeper is super funny and always has a smile on her face.  She is definitely someone I can trust and talk to." - 7th grader

"She is very passionate about what she teaches and has really helped me with typing.  She tries so hard to help everyone learn and get their homework done for their classes." - 7th grader

Scott Myers: Jesus first.  He not only teaches Bible, but constantly models biblical living through encouragement and deep conversations. He is very much like our campus pastor as he leads us in chapel and guides us to live biblically through practical application.

"I appreciate his bluntness." - 8th grader

"I appreciate how energetic he is about teaching and how he understands our potential." - 8th grader

Rhonda Schimon: She is the STEM captain on our team and has spend the past two summers taking classes so our students could grow in their knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. She will go to school again this summer so we can add another STEM class to our JH offerings. Recently she spent her plan periods and hours after school helping 7th graders finish their Autodesk playground projects.

"I love Mrs. Schimon! I love how funny and chill she is...she is super funny and a great teacher!"
- 7th grader

"I appreciate her dedication to the students." - 8th grader

Brook Sikora: From Language Arts to Advanced DigiTech to American Sign Language, PE and Dance, Mrs. Sikora has stretched herself and her students with her passion to learn. She heads up our National Junior Honor Society and does a lot of the behind the scenes work for MAP testing. She loves 8th grade students and expresses her commitment to their growth and well-being on a daily basis.

I appreciate her enthusiasm when she teaches and how she cares about me. - 8th grader

"She is always energetic and always stands up for those who don't always 'fit in.'"
- 8th grader

As you can see, we here at the JH are incredibly blessed by this team of committed educators who love God, love JH kids, and love their subject area! I am thankful beyond measure for the privilege of working with them. They have made our JH well-grounded in learning and loving God!

  • LUNCH MENU FOR WEEK OF 11/30-12/4

    Due to COVID-19, we will only be offering one lunch option per day, which will include a hot item (listed below) and sacked side items.

    Monday: 11/30 - Pizza

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    Thursday: 12/3 - Corn Dog

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    *Please note: Lunches may change depending on availability of what our suppliers carry. We do our very best to keep this menu accurate, but there is a possibility it could change. 


    Upcoming events @ CCJH for December:

    • Dec. 4th - Half-day early dismissal (teacher work day)
    • Dec. 14th-18th - Christmas Spirit Week
    • Dec. 18th - Full school day (previously early dismissal)

    Please watch for information to come regarding our virtual band and choir Christmas concerts!

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  • 8th Grade Washington DC Trip Sign-up!

    Sign-up now for our annual 8th grade trip to Washington DC!


    In the spring of 2021, we are hoping to take our 8th graders to Washington DC during our I-Term week (Tuesday, March 30- Saturday, April 3) and it is going to be an amazing opportunity for your student to see history come to life. Check out this video from a student's perspective:


    Ms. Creech will be leading the trip, along with another CCS High School teacher, and we'd love for your 8th grader to attend! We have also opened this opportunity to our high school students, but will have appropriate separation between the age levels. To find out more information or to register for the trip, click HERE and select "register" (enter Trip ID#176957).

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