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May 14, 2020
By Jennifer Walling, JH Principal

If you are like me, it can be challenging to know if/when we are being “called” by God into something new. 

I remember wondering this very question when I was in the middle of applying for the junior high principal position at Cascade Christian a couple of years ago. My children were already attending CCS, so I already loved the school, but was the Lord calling me to leave my current job and actually join the faculty? 

How could I be sure it was God calling me to this position?  

To discover the answer to this question, I had to ask myself some other hard questions: Do I really trust the Lord? Have I let go of selfish ambition, pride, or personal desires? Do I feel confident to let God lead, or do I really prefer to control my own life? Can I open my hands in surrender to His will and trust Him? Will I make a mistake? 

Looking back on that season and experiencing all the unknowns, it is amazing to see the Lord’s hand through everything! It wasn’t easy to surrender and let go of control, but through the uncertainty, God grew my faith, reassured me that He is trustworthy, and once again displayed His perfect faithfulness in my life. 

If you are facing the “unknown” or wondering if God might be calling you into something new, here is what I know to be true, both through personal experience and promises from the Word: 

God is faithful, sovereign, and good.

He is worthy of our trust.

His plan for us is always and only for our good.

He will protect His children.

He will provide for our needs.

Through prayer and time in His Word, He makes His will known to us. 

Whenever God calls us, He equips us. 


We can make plans for our life, knowing with confidence that God will direct our steps when we are in communion with Him! This is how we discover our calling! 



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