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Put a Bow on It

June 04, 2020
By Terry Broberg, Principal

We are wrapping up another school year. The year definitely didn’t end the way we thought it would. That being said, we have ended well. I am so proud of our school community as we have rallied together to keep the learning process going forward. Our school has done a good job of preparing the students to move forward into the next grade in the fall.

Thank you—

              Parents, for your continued belief in our school program and mission

              Students, for learning in a new way and in a different setting

              Teachers, for leading students in learning through a remote platform


We will be ready for the fall with improved systems for safety and learning in place. Already equipment is being purchased, curriculum ordered, and training lined up so our students can learn and grow for the Lord’s purposes.

I know that some of you have experienced great challenges this spring with your employment and health. I pray that over the summer you will find time to rest and renew. Reflect on your blessings. They far outweigh the challenges!

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    • The Elementary Track and Baseball seasons are both cancelled.

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    June 5     Last Day of Class Work
    June 10   Kindergarten Drive Through Graduation, 1 PM
    June 10   6th Grade Drive Through Farewell Celebration, 6:30 PM



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    If your student is going to be tardy and will be needing hot lunch, please inform us by 9:00 a.m.

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