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June 04, 2020
By Jennifer Walling, JH Principal

As we wrap up this school year, we focus our spiritual theme of ALL IN on what it means to GO, as we are called by God to be on mission and carry His good news to all those we encounter on our journey forward in life. Because of what Jesus has done for us, WE MUST GO shine His light and love to the world. 

This idea of GO is especially apropos as we finish the school year. I thought it would be appropriate for me to share what I wrote to our 7th and 8th grade students for their yearbook. While this letter is long, it shares my heart with them as they GO and grow in all that God has for them in the next season:

Dearest Junior High Students—

I barely know where to begin, but wow ... what a unique year! It definitely didn’t end how we expected, but it was a year of memories for sure.

Some of my favorite memories with you included our awesome Connect Retreat, cheering you on in sports and watching you excel athletically, walking into classrooms and seeing you engaged in projects and learning, watching our first-ever marching band perform at the Santa Parade, celebrating your incredible performances on stage, worshipping in chapel with you, talking through challenging topics, and hearing you make beautiful music with your voices and instruments. My heart is full of incredible memories from our school year.

But even bigger and more important than those special memories are the simple but profound moments when I saw your character shine and your maturity grow right before my eyes.

I’m so incredibly proud of the way you battled through struggles, pushed forward when it was difficult, and fought through the social, physical, emotional, and mental challenges. I had a front-row seat to watch as you befriended new students, sat by someone who was alone at lunch, or showed compassion to someone who was hurting.

I’ve seen you serve others sacrificially, love compassionately, own your mistakes, fight and forgive, and grow in wisdom and faith. I’ve witnessed many of your failures and successes, highs and lows, and personal victories. The way you navigated online/remote learning was particularly remarkable. Wow, what a challenge to overcome!

I am so honored to have walked alongside you through each step of our journey this year.

To the 8th grade students:

You are the first class I had for both years of junior high, during these first two years of being a principal. For that, you will always be such a special class to me.

I am sad I didn’t really get to say goodbye to each of you the way I wanted. I am sorry you lost out on the fun end-of-year events and activities, including your official promotion to high school. My heart hurts for those losses. But I want you to know that you are an absolutely phenomenal class. You are big in numbers, hilarious, smart, witty, dominating, energetic, emotional, and boisterous ... and I love how you seize life and live it to its fullest. You are going to be such a fun class to watch throughout high school, and I have no doubt you will take it by storm! Here is my hope and prayer for you:

Hold tight to the promises of Jesus.
He is real, He is good, and He is all you need.
And when you let go of Him, never doubt for one second
that He is holding you and will never let you go.

I love you. I am proud of you. I will miss having you in junior high. But I can’t wait to watch you grow and flourish in the years to come. And one day, I’ll cry as the CCS Class of 2024 walks across that graduation stage!

To the 7th grade students:

I am so thankful I get to have another year with you! You came into our junior high with such a sweet, funny, laid-back style and have stolen our hearts. You have made it through a tough year on so many levels—7th grade is hard, and as I’ve told you before, it was my most challenging year in school—but you made it, and you are going to mature tremendously this next year. It will be awesome to watch you thrive and flourish!

I look to you now to courageously lead our junior high, to help create an amazing school culture, and to pave the way toward honor, excellence, and integrity. You can and will lead well if you trust in Jesus as your ultimate source of strength. I look forward to next year!

Students, it has been an amazing privilege to serve as your principal this year, and I pray I served you well. You’ve made me laugh, smile, and even grow a few gray hairs. But it was worth every one, and I cherish the time I had with you.

I desire God’s best for each of you and will continue to pray that you truly encounter the beautiful grace of Jesus and allow His love to grow more real in your life each day. You are an awesome group of students!

With much love and gratitude,

Mrs. Walling


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