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IMPACT Leadership

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Why attend the Impact Leadership Conference?

You will maximize your professional development time as you are:
  • Equipped with information and tools you can apply to your specific school
  • Empowered through interaction with other education professionals at “round table” discussions
  • Engaged in relationships as you network with and have ongoing support from other school leaders after the conference

Impact Leadership Conference leaders are excited to bring useful and relevant information that you can use in the 2020-2021 school year and beyond.


Full-Day Workshops


Early Learning - Navigating state regulations, discussing how they apply to each center, reviewing best practices in a 4-hour preschool program, receiving inspiration and ways to live a balanced life as a center director, learning ways to communicate with and relate to the current customer base, and participating in round-table discussions on topics pertinent to your center.  

Extended School - Before and After School Programs and Summer Camp - Developing both a comprehensive extended school program for the school year and an early learning through high school program for the summer. 



Half- Day Workshops (Pick 2)

Student Learning - Using data analysis in setting educational goals at the school level, at each educational level, for subject areas, from class levels to individual student educational goals. Includes the topic of student-led conferences.  

Development/ Fundraising - Developing your perennial fund through events, the giving cycle, and data analysis. 

Student Leadership Programs - Creating a sustainable leadership program tailored to the individual and unique needs of your school, and offering practical and visionary leadership essentials. Topics covered include the essentials of leadership development, strengths-based leadership, the steward leadership journey, developing leadership opportunities outside of the traditional avenues, and creating a meaningful service/missions experience that puts “feet to faith.” *Participants will be asked to take the CliftonStrengths assessment prior to the conference. 

Positive School Culture - Maximizing school impact by setting school climate and building school culture. 

Marketing, Communication and Enrollment Management - Developing a school marketing plan, attracting and retaining students through communication, and defining red carpet culture and the role it plays in enrollment management.  

International Program - Developing, maintaining, and growing a robust international student program.