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At Cascade Christian Schools, student success is of utmost priority. Because of this, it is important that all International Program students are able to function well in the English language before entering English-intensive classes.


Cascade Christian has partnered with ELLoquence®, a comprehensive digital curriculum for 7th-12th grade that blends high-tech instruction with hands-on, interactive activities that accelerates junior high and high school ELL students in becoming English proficient in one to two years. ELLoquence® allows students to become technologically literate and enables them to be competitive in the 21st Century workplace by fostering creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, communicating, and collaborating in their native language, as well as in English. Research has shown that students are more engaged when working with ELLoquence®; more engagement leads to better attendance, better completion rates, and better outcomes!

Students needing the iELL program will be given a placement test to determine their appropriate ELL level.

Students entering the Advanced level will replace their mainstreamed English class with an iELL English class.

Students placing in the Intermediate level will be in two iELL classes per day; those in the Beginning level will have iELL for three periods a day. This special ELL curriculum allows student to grow in the areas required to be successful in all classes, and full credit is given and reported on their transcript.

The iELL program has additional costs per school year, and can be pro-rated should a student only attend for a semester.

Below are the ELL Levels that are considered when determining an international student needs to be enrolled in the iELL program at Cascade Christian: