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... to enhance student learning by providing
additional spiritual, academic, personal, and
leadership experiences outside the traditional classroom.




Our junior high students will be serving in Puyallup, working with the "One Another Foundation" working on various projects.

Click on the link to the left to read the blog and see photos from last year's trips.


Las Vegas


The Dream Center of Las Vegas is one of five International Church of Las Vegas campuses. Beyond the bright lights of the strip lie thousands of hurting people in desperate need of a real touch from Christ. The Dream Center exists to bring hope to the unemployed homeless and destitute of Las Vegas.
There are many ministries: feeding the homeless, caring for homeless, children’s VBS programs, praying for others, handing out tracks, building maintenance and spiritual formation. It will be a great experience to practice our leadership skills and serve people for the Lord.


Known as “The Gathering Place”, O’ahu has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, it also has a 6.5% unemployment rate, 67% of the population cannot afford a home to live in, and 28.7% of the population is currently homeless. Our mission is to serve in the “gilded cage,” to bring help and hope to those struggling and have no way out. We will be working with Adopt-a-Beach to clean the shores of the debris from the Japan tsunami; Habitat for Humanity to build two houses in Kapolei; The Institute for Human Services to feed the homeless. We will be spending Easter Sunday at the oldest Christian church in the islands.

London The London I-Term Team will explore London and Paris through the Education First tour program.  We will develop a broader perspective of the world and an increased cross-cultural understanding through the general sightseeing and activities of the trip.  We will learn about some of our Christian Heritage and provide assistance to Ealing Baptist Church through our service activities, such as landscaping, cleaning, and general maintenance for the church.

San Francisco

Youth With a Mission has been a beacon of light and hope to those in the Tenderloin, offering them food, a place to rest and a hand up and out of the cruel conditions they experience. The Tenderloin District is home to 21,669 people, 3,500 of which are children. Approximately 11,000 of these people live in SROs, small single rooms with no kitchen and shared bathrooms. The Tenderloin has the smallest of the 10 police districts with the highest crime rate. It is a cup of hot chocolate and a word of prayer; it is a look in the eye and a tender touch; it is showing the love of God to the forgotten.

While in San Francisco, our students will be stretched in their walk with God to love the unlovable, to step out of their comfort zone, and to listen to God’s call as they minister to the suffering. Their experiences will include working with the homeless in the Tenderloin District and Golden Gate Park, delivering food to needy families, working in the local food bank, helping runaway teens, gathering essential items to assist those in need, and serving in local soup kitchens. Our hope is that God will open up the eyes and hearts of our Cascade Students to see there is a world of hurting people that need the Gospel of Christ. Also, we hope to return with a renewed gratitude toward how we live here at home.

South Africa

Our students will spend the majority of our time in Cape Town, South Africa working with underprivileged kids in after school programs and in the community. They will also be working on renovation projects such as painting, cleaning, fixing projects around the community as needed.The last three days of the journey, they will travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to Pilanesberg National Park and go on an evening and morning SAFARI! This will be the trip of a lifetime. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places on earth and when they meet the children of South Africa their lives will be changed.


6th Grade Camp

This course is being offered to students in the 11th and 12th grade only. These students will be trained for two days during the I Term week and then serve at the over night CCS 6th grade camp at the end of April.

Animal Rescue

Students will be working with local animal shelters assisting in all areas, from cleaning up animal environments, to preparing animals for adoption. Students in this class will call and coordinate volunteers, organize conservation clean-up, do research and assisting shelters to meet the needs of the community.


Basketball Camp

Partnering with CCS Frederickson, Tacoma, and Puyallup campuses, students will use their skills, talents, and love of basketball to reach out and minister to others. Students will be planning and implementing activities using basketball as a means to share the love of Christ.


CCS at Large

Students will serve throughout Cascade Christian Schools. Projects will be developed based upon the needs of the campuses in our Cascade Community. These needs can range from tutoring reading groups at our elementary campuses to work projects district wide. Students will be given a variety of ways to bless the CCS Community as a whole.


Eastern Washington or Bust

This I term opportunity will take place at “The Father’s Ranch” Omak WA. The ranch is an organization that works with women and teenage girls who are wounded and hurting, and are in the process of healing after confronting some of life’s most difficult situations. The plan is to join in God’s work at the ranchduring I Term week, and lend a helping hand wherever they can. It is sure to be an eye-opening and life-changing experience, and anyone who has a heart forcoming alongside the hurting in their journey toward healing is welcome. See the website for more details about the ranch. (


Elementary Tutoring

This class will provide students with the opportunity to make a difference in the life of CCS elementary students by tutoring in classrooms. Students may also provide general Assistance to teachers and my have the opportunity to teach a portion of a class.


Friends to the Elderly

Students will see the value of our elderly community and show them love and respect by spending quality time and serving them in a personal way. This team will work together to secure service opportunities at a retirement facility that develop and enrich relationships. Students will be able to serve in a variety of ways that will be benefit participants and recipients alike.


G.R.I.T.S. Grace Raised In To Service

We will be visiting hospital waiting rooms and providing baskets of goodies for people here in the South Sound Area. We will be open to listening and if asked, praying for our fellow neighbor. This simple act of service will be both an encouragement and a ministry opportunity to share the love of Christ.

It’s all Elementary

We will be serving at a local public elementary school by serving classrooms through tutoring, cleaning and assisting teachers. If you have a heart for teaching please join us.


Messy Science with a WOW

Exploring eggshells, vegetable tie-dyed shirts, ice cream in a zip lock bag, or even Mentos and Coke. These are the memories that bring excitement into studying science. Students will bring these learning adventures to the younger students of Cascade. We will develop age-appropriate science lessons with great activities and bring them to the elementary schools of Cascade.



Students are staying 4 days and 3 nights on beautiful Lake Sammamish serving SAMBICA summer camp. Service projects will vary due to weather, but could include painting, chopping wood, landscaping, and other maintenance projects around the camp. Cabins are heated and there are showers.


PE and Me

Students participating in this I Term experience will get to use their love for physical fitness to bless our community by providing a free boot camp/devotional class in the morning and then spend the afternoons teaching a free “fitness fun’ class to preschooler’s at our CCS early learning centers.

South Sound Dream Center/
Hope for the Homeless

Students on this team will be working at the South Seattle Dream Center to reach and assist struggling families in the South Seattle area. This team will go out into South Seattle suburbs to reach out to those in need. Just as in inner cities, the suburbs are full of ruined and destroyed lives. Each student will be able to put their gifting and talent to use through the many and varied outreaches. Expect God to use each member in unbelievable ways.

The Food Network

This team will be spending the mornings working at Northwest Harvest warehouse in Kent. We will be packaging food, and on Wednesday and Thursday a few of us will also volunteer at their Seattle location. We’ll be working in food banks and plan to spend a day preparing and distributing food in Seattle. The goal of the week is to experience the food network - from donations to distribution.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Students are joining with The CCS (Community Conservation Study) The are learning about some of the conservation programs at the Woodland Park Zoo and the world wide impact of these programs. During our training sessions we will interact with the 3rd grade students at the CCS Puyallup Elementary sharing what we learn and preparing them for a field trip to Woodland Park Zoo. Our team will also be doing service projects at the Zoo.

Worship Outreach

This team of Instrumentals, vocalists and sound tech will be arranging visits to lead worship at local Christian schools and will serve with local Churches to accompany them on their outreach mission/ministries to people in need in our local SEATAC area.