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2016 iTerm Blogs


... to enhance student learning by providing
additional spiritual, academic, personal, and
leadership experiences outside the traditional classroom.


I-Term week

Our junior high students will be working on various projects throughout the community


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Hawaii Students will experience Hawaiian culture while serving at Surf the Nations, a program that allows homeless teens the opportunity to learn how to surf. They will also work at the Humane Society, and at US Vets. CCS kids will also visit the Polynesian Cultural Center and Pearl Harbor.

Students will do community outreach with the Las Vegas Dream Center. Construction projects, cleaning, feeding the homeless, children’s ministry and adult worship services are just some of the things experienced during this amazing week in Vegas.

Students will be working with Living Hope ministering to children in the Townships. They will see the gorgeous sites of Cape Town South Africa. Table Mountain, Cape Point, and Green Market Square will be highlighted.

Students will continue the process of rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Even 9 years later there is much to do. Building projects and community outreach is the focus on this trip, while enjoying the hospitality of one of our nations great cities.

  Students will serve with YWAM Germany in southern Ger-many/Bavaria with outreaches in Munich and Landsberg and building projects with YWAM in Hurlach. In addition, students will visit castles, medieval cities and fortresses and experience the history of the advent and closure of WWII. Time in Prague and interviewing survivors at the 70th Anni-versary of the Liberation of Auschwitz in Krakow, Poland will also be highlighted.

Students will experience hiking in a National Park, and participate in “A Christian Ministry in the National Parks” a grassroots student led ministry. Hiking, worshiping and experiencing nature.

Students will visit villages devastated by the Merapi Volcano in 2010, and an orphanage where they will play and interact with kids, they will prepare and serve at least one meal in the village. They will travel to Borobudor Temple (built in the 8th and 9th century) and experience other aspects of Indonesian culture.



Animal Rescue
Students will be working with local animal shelters assisting in all areas, from cleaning up animal environments, to preparing animals for adoption. Students in this class will call and coordinate volunteers, organize conservation clean-up, do research and assisting shelters to meet the needs of the community.

Building Bridges
Students will serve in their community by spending a day at Lincoln High School, a day at PLU, and a day at Centennial Elementary in the Bethel School District by sharing our CCS core values doing projects and working with kids while using their love of the Spanish
language in immersion leadership.


CCS At-Large
Students will be given the opportunity to serve at Cascade Christian, doing many projects on our campus, and assisting assembling our CCS Daffodil floats.

Conversations with God‚Äč
This I-Term is for students that have a desire to gain skills in leading a Bible Study over a book or doctrine, and want see how the Old Testament is relevant today to their Christian life. Students are studying the Bible more deeply and leading their own study of a specific book or doctrine throughout the year.

Elementary Tutoring
This class will provide students with the opportunity to make a difference in the life of CCS elementary students by tutoring in classrooms. Students may also pro-vide general assistance to teachers and may have the opportunity to teach a por-tion of a class.

Friends to the Elderly
Students will see the value of our elderly community and show them love and respect by spending quality time and serving them in a personal way. We will visit Linden Grove Retirement Home three times. One Saturday in Jan., Feb., and March. We will then plan an event during the I Term week and implement the exciting event. This is a great way to build relationships that will last in our own backyard.

Hope for the Homeless
Students will find a new way to experience I Term. This team will serve one Saturday per month in January, February and March, working with the Freezing Nights pro-gram. Serving the homeless of Pierce County during the toughest part of the day...Night time. The week of i-Term, this team will meet only once to debrief their experience of helping the homeless as they encounter the cold NW nights.

It's a Small World
Mrs. Kasper has gathered 5 key CCS ambassadors with a passion for working with International students arriving to our campus in February. This experience will include a cultural emersion for our friends from China and Japan. University of Washington, Pike Place Mar-ket, Space Needle, Seattle Big Wheel, and other opportunities to learn about our great community may be included.

This I term opportunity will take place at “The Father’s Ranch” Omak WA.  The ranch is an organization that works with women and teenage girls who are wounded and hurting, and are in the process of healing after confronting some of life’s most difficult situations.  The plan is to join in God’s work at the ranch during I Term week, and lend a helping hand wherever they can.  It is sure to be an eye-opening and life-changing experience, and anyone who has a heart for coming alongside the hurting in their journey toward healing is welcome.  See the website for more details about the ranch. (

Soldier's Home
Our team will work with Washington Soldiers Home in Orting to clean and restore headstones as well as any general lawn and garden maintenance that is needed due to lack of staff resources. The property is approximately 8 acres with at total of 2, 265 grave sites, and is the final resting place for soldiers from all over the United States, including veterans that served in the Civil War, Spanish War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War. Four medal of honor recipients are also buried at the cemetery.

South Sound Dream Center
Students on this team will be working at the South Seattle Dream Center to reach and assist struggling families in the South Seattle area. This team will go out into South Seattle suburbs to reach out to those in need. Just as in inner cities, the suburbs are full of ruined and destroyed lives. Each student will be able to put their gifting and talent to use through the many and varied outreaches. Expect God to use each member in unbelievable ways.

Zoo Crew

In this course, students will learn about the animals, their habitats and conservation programs supported by Woodland Park Zoo. Over the course of this project, our high school students will interact with 3rd grade students at the CCS Puyallup Elementary campus. They will be preparing them for a field trip to Woodland Park Zoo, where the CCS students will be the tour guides as we explore the zoo together. In addition to learning about conservation programs and zoo tours, the students in this class will conduct a service project at the Woodland Park Zoo during the IMPACT week in April.


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