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High School I-Term

Feet To Faith

By Dr. Ken Friesen

I took the opportunity to personally interview each senior prior to graduation last year. One of the questions I asked each of them was “What are we doing at Cascade Christian that you would recommend we continue doing?” A similar question was “what has been your greatest experience here at Cascade Christian?” By far, the most common response to both questions had to do with IMPACT Term, or I-Term. I-Term has become one of the most distinctive experiences students have here at Cascade Christian High School. It is one of the most profound and powerful ways in which students put “feet to their faith” and impact lives from our local campuses, our community, and literally all around the world. Local I-Term experiences give students the opportunity to serve younger students, disabled war veterans, homeless individuals, and the elderly. Students who have participated in extended trips have travelled in recent years to Eastern WA, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Argentina, Germany, Greece, and South Africa.

The benefits, whether students choose international or local I-Terms, are many. Every I-Term There are so many needs all around us and so many opportunities to love in the name of Christ. I-Term affords us those opportunities. The opportunity that students have to step out of themselves for a bit, serve others and see them through God’s eyes is incredible. And to be able to bring that back to our school community is a blessing.

Click on the video link to hear a testimonial from senior Hailee Dumars regarding her I-Term experiences.

Ken Friesen, EdD

High School Principal