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Elementary Athletics Stories

Interview With Kaycee Creech

February 23, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel
1.What sports did you play during your time at Cascade? 
            "During my time at Cascade I played basketball and ran track."
2. What was your experience like with elementary sports? 
            "My experience with elementary sports at Cascade was a blast! It was a lot of growing in the sport, along with building relationsips and character. The friendships, the team, and the camaraderie that was built in elementary, was then later taken into high school sports, where we got to play together from elementary to senior year. But I always had a blast playing sports in elementary."
3. How did elementary sports prepare you for the junior high and high school level? 
            "These sports prepared me for the next level, because we got to spend time with the high school program, and work with their coaches. It also helped prepare me, because I was able to play select ball with girls from elementary. We grew together and built relationships that took me to the next level. I was determined to be like the high schoolers that coached me." 
4. What was the sports transition like moving from elementary into junior high? 
            "I thought the transition was super easy and welcoming. I came right in, ready to get after it and personally prepare for high school."
5. How did your sports experiences influence your faith? Positively, negatively or both?
            "Sports influenced my faith by pushing me to be my best self, to recognize what you have in the moment, and being able to play sports is a gift in itself. It also influenced my faith, because I was constantly surrounded by players and coaches who were strong in their faith, pushed us in our faith, and kept us accountable no matter what the circumstances were. I believe to this day, if I did not have the people on the coaching staff, in all of Cascade and especially high school, I would not have the faith base and firm foundation that I have today."
6. What went into the decision to come back to Cascade and invest in the next generations?
            "I came back to Cascade, because to me it is home, it is my family. The teachers and mentors that I have had at Cascade, who have mentored me and have shepherded me in life, made me realize that I wanted to do the same for future generations. I want kids to know they are not defined by what they do, where they come from, who their friends are, or who they are themselves. Each student has something special about them, and my mission is to advocate and lead students along their journey whether good or bad. I want to show them that there is so much more out there for them. I want students to be known and be fully confident in their relationship with God and in themselves."
Kaycee Creech graduated from Cascade Christian Schools, played basketball for George Fox University. Kaycee now teaches at the Cascade Christian High School. 

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2/23/19 - By Jubal McDaniel