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Cougar Club Curriculum Themes | March

March 02, 2020
By Jubal McDaniel

March | Marching Into Spring


Week #1
Tribute to Dr. Seuss - God's Gift to Dr. Seuss
Week #2
March Winds - God Created Electricity
Week #3
Birds & Butterflies - Pollinating and Fertilization
Week #4
Spring Things - God Replenishes the Earth
Week #5
Interesting Insects - Help Cultivate the Land

Chicken Pot Pie Soup!

February 06, 2020
By Jubal McDaniel

The Cooking Club at the Puyallup Campus made Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Sounds like the perfect thing for all this wet Washington weather!

Cougar Club Curriculum Themes | February

January 30, 2020
By Jubal McDaniel

February | Matters of the Heart

Week #1
We Love America—God Forgives Us
Week #2
Be My Valentine—Forgiving Those Who Have Wronged Us
Week #3
Healthy Habits

Puyallup's Christmas Art Project

December 09, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

Puyallup's elementary art students were busy last week! From fall landscapes, to Lego mini-figure self-portraits, to the Nativity scene, to Christmas wrapping paper ... they worked on it all!

Last week, we drew with glue and started on our Christmas project. This turned into a great opportunity to talk about the Gospel and connect the story of Christmas to the story of Easter. This week we will continue with phase two of our project and hopefully talk more about the importance of the Christmas season.

After drawing with glue, we had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Students who still had landscapes and self-portraits to finish got the opportunity to do so. Those who had completed past projects began working on wrapping paper for their Christmas gift. This is a non-directed project that they get to create all on their own. They are having quite a bit of fun with it. They were extremely productive last week, and we are having a lot of fun creating art together!

Custom Christmas Wrapping Paper

December 04, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

What do you do during Christmas season when you have extra time in art class? You find a paper bag, decorate it and create your own wrapping paper for the gift you're making! This was a non-directed time in art, where the students had the opportunity to draw whatever they wanted, however they wanted. They were encouraged to make their “wrapping paper” Christmas themed though. Their bags look great!

Frederickson | Winter Enrichment Registration

December 03, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

Frederickson's winter enrichment class dates have been announced! Please click HERE to access the registration form. 


Bricks4Kids Class Flyer (Click HERE)

Art and Legos!

December 02, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

Kids from McAlder drew themselves as Lego Minifigures! The hair on this one is particularly awesome! 

How would you draw yourself as a Lego Minifigure? Send us your sketch and we will share the best ones! 

McAlder Art | Drawing With Glue

December 02, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

This week, Cougar Club art classes are drawing with glue! This is the first of a three-week Christmas art project. McAlder’s K-6th class was completely enthralled with the process, and are full of excitement for next week. The class also allowed time for the kids to work on their Lego Mini-figure self-portrait drawings. 

McAlder Cougar Club Makes Oreo Turkeys

November 27, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

The McAlder Cougar Club kids made Oreo tukeys to celebrate Thanksgiving! Don't these look delicious?!

Puyallup Cougar Club Is Thankful

November 27, 2019
By Jubal McDaniel

Last Wednesday, the Puyallup Cougar Club worked on creating a Thankful Pie Craft. The kids wrote down a few things that they are thankful for and created a pie that reveals what those things are. The staff enjoyed getting to read a few of the things the kids wrote. How great is it to know that our kids are thankful for so many things?

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