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Dear Parents,

Last week I provided you with information about a wonderful tool called GO Math! Academy that is available for you and your K-6th grade child to use when your child works on math at home. Unfortunately, the communication Cascade Christian received regarding this piece of the newly purchased math curriculum led me to believe it was free to all of our K-6th grade parents. However, after many hours of research, I discovered that this site is not free.

While it is still a great tool for helping your child in math and in helping you as you assist your child at home, there is a monthly subscription cost. I sincerely apologize for releasing this information before I had the complete picture and causing anyone confusion or frustration. If you are still interested in using this tool, here is a link to the site that allows you a free 14-day trial:

You are not required to purchase a GOMath! Academy subscription.  It is your choice if you would like to provide this specific supplemental material for your child at home.

Be assured that CCS has purchased sufficient digital tools to assist your child - which will accomplish the same goals as GO Math! Academy.  We are in the process of putting together a step-by-step guide for parents regarding where to find the digital tools which are available for your child to help with homework, extra problem practice, tutorial videos, etc.  Please look for this in the next few weeks.

Again, I so appreciate your patience as we all learn how to use the great tools available to us with this math. Students are learning every day and digital tools will add to that learning.


Joyce Blum

Director of Student Learning