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IMPACT Learning Teams

What are IMPACT Learning Teams (ILTs)?

ILTs are groups of teachers who meet on a regular basis throughout the school year, committed and determined to increase the level of academic excellence, as well as spiritual, personal/social and leadership development in our students at Cascade Christian Schools.

This is done by focusing on three goals:

  • ensuring that all students learn at their highest level,
  • working in collaborative teacher teams to share best practices, joining forces to solve problems and working together to improve both their individual performances and the school’s performance as a whole, and
  • focusing on results by using real data to assess the current reality, establishing clear educational objectives to meet those goals and providing evidence once success has been reached.

When do IMPACT Learning Teams meet?

This year our teams will be meeting on ILT half-days (early dismissal days), all-district in-service days, and the teams at the Junior High and High School will be meeting on Fridays after school as well. (See the district-wide calendar for in-service dates.)

What will IMPACT Learning Teams focus on this year?

Our teams will be focused on our overall district goal of improvement in math and continued improvement in reading.  As ILTs meet this year, teachers will be looking specifically on how they can help each student grow in these two areas.