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Incline Your Ear

November 14, 2019
By Joshua Stines

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In a passage of scripture I read this past week, the writer compels the hearers/readers to “incline your ears” to the Word of God (Ps. 78:1 NASB). As I was thinking about this in the context of hearing and responding to God’s voice, I realized two things: (1) God is always speaking to us, and (2) there are some specific things we have to do to put ourselves in the best position to hear God’s voice. 

One of those things is taking time to just stop. This week, many of our normal routines have been put on pause for student conferences. So the idea of stopping has been on my mind. I have been asking myself, "How often do we miss out on God’s voice in our lives because we didn’t stop long enough to hear it?" Stopping in our culture is an incredibly hard thing to do. 

God is showing me, however, that when we take time to stop and incline our ears by directing our attention to God, we discover that God has been speaking to us all along; we just haven’t stopped long enough to listen.

My prayer as we head into the seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas is that we would continue to find ways to stop and incline our ears to hear God’s voice in our lives.