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CCS Internship Program


We would like to introduce The CCS Internship Program, which will begin Fall of 2021! This program works with the local professional community to design meaningful positions for high school students in order to provide them each a preview of their professional future. By working alongside employees in a specific industry, student interns gain enthusiasm for a possible career, while also acquiring the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the workplace.

All 2021-22 juniors and seniors are invited to participate in the CCS Internship Program. Applications are open through the end of April 2021 for next year’s juniors and seniors. Selection is based on quality of application, GPA, and confirmation of graduation track. After completing the online application, students participate in a semester-long Intro to Internship course that includes a series of professional development activities in preparation for a semester internship placement. Through this course, a student earns a .5 occupational education credit. Interns are then selected and placed for two or three of their class periods with a local business or organization. Through the completion of their work site internship over the second semester, a student will earn an additional .5 to 2.0 credits. Each intern is supported throughout this process by the internship program supervisor.


Intro to Internship Topical Course Outline:

  •   Personality/Skills Assessments and Reflections
  •   Your Inspiration
  •   Personal Mission Statement
  •   Goal Setting
  •   Why Internships?  Why Now?
  •   Career Matchmaker and Reflection
  •   Career Exploration and Research
  •   Informational Interview Preparation (for Guest Speakers)
  •   Professional Resume
  •   Professional Cover Letter
  •   Professional Email Practice
  •   Power of a Reference/Networking
  •   Social Media Dos and Don’ts
  •   Volunteering / Community Service Project / Social Impact Project
  •   Representing Yourself Professionally (Physically, Digitally, Verbally)
  •   Schedule Planner and Balancing Commitments
  •   Professional Interviewing
  •   Financial Literacy
  •   College Exploration, Research, and Planning
  •   FAFSA, WAFSA, Common App
  •   Virtual College Visits
  •   Career-Specific Skill Building by Industry