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Spiritual Formation


Taking Notice

October 31, 2019
By Joshua Stines

In our study of meditation, students were given the opportunity to select one of four options that caused them to think and reflect on God and His goodness. 

Natasha Williams, a senior at CCS, selected Meditatio Creatio, a leisurely walk or a hike that encouraged students to stop and notice God’s beautiful handiwork (Psalm 104:24). Partly through the walk, “purpose” is what came to mind for Natasha. She wrote in her journal,

I was able to reflect on the fact that God made the world and everything in it for a specific purpose. He made the trees and the plants, and the slugs and birds, and us. He made humans for a specific purpose and that is to spread the word about God.

Blessings to you as you stop and take notice. My hope is that through the process you not only hear God’s voice, but also find that Cougar!