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Spiritual Formation


All In

December 05, 2019
By Joshua Stines

What would you be willing to pass up in order to be “all in” on a fast to which you committed? Owen Bostain, a senior at CCS, went as far as passing up an opportunity to watch the Seahawks play football. Students in our Spiritual Disciplines class were asked to fast from something for an entire week. Owen chose television. 

“lt was hard to pass up a Seahawks game since I am such a huge fan,” Owen said. “Overall, however, I am glad I did because I learned that I don’t need TV to suit my needs or to make me happy. I realized I could use the time watching TV to be more useful, like hang out with my family and my dog or even complete my homework faster.” 

I think Owen is a good example of what can happen when we are “all in.” Our spiritual theme this month is “Jesus, who went ALL IN for us.” What I am learning more and more is that the more we surrender our lives in our pursuit to go “all in” with God, the more we receive all that Jesus accomplished on the cross, who went “all in” for us. Owen may have given up TV for a week, but he got so much more in return.