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Peace and Hope

December 19, 2019
By Joshua Stines

At the junior high/high school, we had our Christmas chapel this past week, focusing on the themes of Peace and Hope. Two students, Ally Redford and Katrina Andrews, each shared how God has given them peace and hope in their lives. 

“At one point in my life,” Ally shared with the student body during chapel, “I didn’t believe it was possible to have peace in the midst of struggle.  Looking back on it, however, I realized that my definition of peace was wrong. I used to think that peace was only for those who had life figured out. As the story of the shepherds in Luke 2 shows, however, peace in Jesus came to the lowly shepherds. As opposed to the kings, the shepherds didn’t have their lives together. In my experience, I have seen how peace in Jesus can come to everyone, including those who struggle, not just those who have life figured out.” 

The more I think about what Ally said, the more I think she’s right. The good news of this season is that Jesus’ peace has come to all, not just to those who have it all figured out. May you experience Jesus’ peace during this Christmas season.