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Serving Both "On" and "Off" the Court

January 09, 2020
By Joshua Stines

Have you ever experienced the joy of serving someone without their knowledge? Parker Johnson, a senior at Cascade Christian, experienced this firsthand. In the Spiritual Disciplines class, seniors were given opportunities to serve in their study of the discipline of serving. 

Parker chose to serve the Athletic Department. Immediately following a basketball game in which he played and won, Parker chose to clean up the benches. 

"We won the game, and it was great to have the feeling of winning,” Parker said. “But serving afterwards was a humbling experience. No one noticed that I was doing it, and it was nice to do something for people without them knowing.” 

Serving God can oftentimes lead us to the center of everyone's attention. Perhaps, however, it is not until we find ourselves “off the court” when no one is watching that we discover the joy of Christian serving.