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Spiritual Formation


Sacrificing "For the Sake of Others"

February 06, 2020
By Joshua Stines

Have you ever been inspired by watching others make sacrifices?

This happened to me this past week as I saw others sacrifice to make Spiritual Emphasis Week a reality here at the Jr High/High School. Band members from partner churches used vacation time and P.T.O. to come and lead worship for both days. Ministers took time away from their church ministries and drove as much as an hour to come and lead breakout sessions today for our chapel time. Our teachers added more to their workload to lead sessions, and our administrators put in hours to plan this important time for our students.

After seeing all of this come together, I was truly moved by the sacrifice that is being made to make sure we have the best Spiritual Emphasis Week possible. This sacrifice speaks to the love and commitment so many people have for Cascade Christian Schools and for what God is doing here. I feel so blessed to be a part of it!