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Finding Meaning and Purpose in Our Service to Others

March 05, 2020
By Joshua Stines

Have you ever found yourself serving someone or a group of people and wondered, What kind of difference am I really making? As it turns out, if you are a Jesus-follower, quite a lot actually.

Author Adele Calhoun writes in an online excerpt from her book Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, “The Christian discipline of service is the way the world discovers the love of God” (Calhoun 2015). This idea that God would show His love to the world through serving goes all the way back to the covenant that God made to Abraham, that through him the nations of the earth would be “blessed” (Ibid.). God’s love through service continues into the New Testament in the book of John when John writes that God showed His ultimate love for the world by sending His one and only Son, who embodied service in flesh and bone. Jesus called us to serve in the same we He did. And when we do, we can have confidence that our acts of service do not return void. By serving, we become the way “God blesses the earth” (Ibid.). 

So when we serve, we are not just doing a nice gesture for someone. When we serve, we are literally introducing the world to the love of our Almighty God. 

Throughout the month of March, we will be exploring what it means for us to be ALL IN, in our service to others. Serving can be hard. And finding meaning and purpose behind it can be even more difficult. As we consider this theme of service in love, I want to challenge us to reconsider the meaning behind our acts of service. Going ALL IN in our acts of service means that we lean into the great love story that goes all the way back to the beginning of time and will last well beyond our days into eternity. And it is in this story that we find ultimate meaning and purpose. I pray that you lean into that story this month, especially when you find yourself serving and wondering, What kind of difference am I really making?


Calhoun, Adele. “Service: A Practical Guide.” Renovaré. 2015. Accessed March 3, 2020.