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Spiritual Formation


Being Alone with God

April 23, 2020
By Hannah Beardemphl


This past week’s devotional talked about the importance of being “present” when it comes to staying connected to the mission of God. Recently, I had the opportunity to work at being present while practicing the discipline of solitude. I broke away from my family to a cozy corner of my bedroom—with some worship music, a pen, and my notebook—and started setting goals for my future. The most meaningful part about my practice of solitude was getting away from distractions; doing this made it a lot easier to simply talk to God, look to my future, and see what I wanted there. I started by writing down goals for what I wanted my future to look like, beginning with one year in the future, then five, then ten. As I was setting my goals, I all of a sudden wrote down that as long as I was living a Christ-centered life, then I would be exactly where I needed to be. This revelation made a large impact on me because while I was trying to plan material things in my future, God was telling me what was really important. He spoke to me throughout this process, and I am truly happy that I could experience it.

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