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Spiritual Formation


CCS Prayer Response

June 04, 2020
By Joshua Stines

Oh God, we acknowledge that You are Lord over all circumstances, including the difficult realities of our world at this time. We also acknowledge that we often feel inadequate—in our words, our thoughts, and our actions—to initiate help and change.

We ask for Your forgiveness. We confess that our hope is in You, who have reconciled us to yourself. We pray for strength and grace to stand against all forms of racism and social injustice. Help us to love, forgive, and accept in the same way You have done so for us.

For the victims of violence and oppression, we ask that You bring justice and reconciliation. For the protestors and for law enforcement, we pray that You would enact peace and constructive dialogue. And for our nation and the world, we pray that, by your Spirit, You would grant wisdom to our leaders and restore shalom to our fractured world.

We pray in the name of the One who can give us clarity, wisdom, and unity as we look to tomorrow, with a hope we may not yet understand, and who can provide this for us—Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace … Amen.