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Dedicated to Developing Discerning Leaders


“This curriculum helps build the skills our children will need to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders of our future.”
–Ms. Rene Perry, CCS STEM Specialist

When remote learning is taking place at CCS,
STEM is accessible online with Ms. Perry!

Check out the videos below by clicking on the project title:

Navigate the Ocean Game!

Here is a fun STEM game with Ozobots to play this summer! 

Click here for instructions!

Additional activity for this video:

Click here for instructions! 

Additional activities for this video:

Design a Submarine Work Page

Additional activity for this video:

"An engineer will look at nature to see if the problem has already been solved!"

Click here for instructions! 

Additional activity for this video:

Exploring physics to make objects move!


Click here for instructions! 

In a STEM class, each activity or action is focused on meeting our goal or solving a challenge. With our common goal, we follow the engineering design process together. As we journey through the process of exploring, building, and analyzing, students realize there may be more than one solution to a problem. They learn to ask questions, ask for help from a peer, and form their team. They practice empathy while they assist each other and build their team. Students work through the emotions of frustration and perseverance as they deal with design changes. All these skills will have a positive effect in their lives both now and in the future. Each student transforms like a butterfly … they complete their projects and leave more self-confident and full of potential!

Below are STEM projects listed by grade!

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What one parent said...

"Wow, thank you for taking the time to show us around! I am just blown away by what I saw today! My son was very sad he had to leave; he really liked what he saw as well.

I feel that it has been laid on my heart to do more than public school education for my son. With the current world culture, it's more important than ever to us that our son continues to become strong in the faith and cultivate a stronger relationship with Jesus, as well as get the best education possible. We don't want him to just be another number in a room. I love that Cascade Christian is promoting leaders! as well as pride in their education ... which is so lost in the public sector."

This school year, CCS STEM specialist Rene Perry developed an exclusive STEM program for all our K-6 students. This program as well as our STEM curriculum has been recognized for 2019-20 school year by Project Lead the Way!


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