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Remote Learning

Cascade Christian Remote Learning

Cascade Christian Schools is prepared and excited to utilize technology to advance our learning abilities during these times. Our principals and teachers are working together to create the best remote learning plan for each grade level.

Below you can briefly see the different teaching strategies used for our different levels of learning and sample schedules.

Remote Learning: March 18–June 5

  • June 8–11 are the proposed dates for students to drop off and pick up items at their respective campuses. 
    Social distancing guidelines in place at that time will dictate what this process looks like, so we will keep you informed as we get closer. It is very possible that we will need to limit the number of people on campus at a given time, so we are allowing four days for this process to take place. A schedule for each campus will be provided once we know more. 
  • Details of year-end events specific to each campus will be sent out by building principals over the next few weeks. 


Junior High and High School Remote Learning

We are using a college model for online learning so as not to overload our students. This means that students will have some virtual live classroom time as well as assignments throughout the week.

Both the junior high and high school are using Microsoft Teams as our primary remote learning resource.

Students meet “live” with their core teachers once a week for an hour.
Core classes include Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Health, Foreign Language, Bible, Art, and some electives necessary for graduation credit.

Designated days for live classes:
Monday – Math
Tuesday – Science
Wednesday – English
Thursday – Social Studies, Foreign Language, Psychology, and Health
Friday – Bible, Photography, and Graphic Design


Click here for a sample online junior high schedule. 

Click here for a sample online high school schedule. 

We highly recommend that students create a personal schedule to help them plan their day. Here is an example

Independent course areas that still operate include music, fine arts, and band, as well as the Advanced Leadership course.
Instructors have contact with students about expectations for their courses.

Attendance is mandatory for live classes and will be recorded in FACTS.

Throughout the week, teachers follow up their live session with online assignments and videos via Teams.

Elementary Remote Learning

  • Elementary remote learning focuses heavily on virtual classroom meetings. We strive to keep a regular routine that includes our specialists' sending videos to help keep our students engaged in various activities, including PE, STEM, Band, and Library/Technology.
  • Virtual classrooms vary by teacher, grade, and campus. Platforms include Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live, ZOOM, and Shutterfly.
  • We will continue providing the highest level of digital instruction so that our students do not lose ground in what they’ve learned so far.
  • See Elementary Remote Learning Links. Students have access to a number of digital resources, including books, research tools, tutorials, skills practice, and Bible teaching.
  • Teachers are available during regular school hours for correspondence. Students are able to call a teacher to interact “face to face” remotely for additional help or to ask questions beyond the live chat or discussion that are available. (Platforms vary by campus and teacher.)
  • Administration, office team, tech support, and faculty are available for help.
  • Our CCS Specialist Activities page has new videos every week for at-home activities, including art, STEM, cooking, sports, library/technology, and more!

Elementary Remote Learning Links

KPrep Remote Learning

KPrep remote learning focuses on hands-on at-home activities with videos to keep children engaged and connected with teachers and friends. Here is an example of a KPrep Remote Learning Schedule.

Curious what Remote Learning looks like in KPrep? Check out some of our videos below!

Specialist Activities and Spiritual Formation

Our CCS Specialist Activities page has new videos every week for at-home activities:
Art, STEM, cooking, sports, and more! 


Visit our Spiritual Formation page to hear from Joshua Stines as he reflects on our weekly devotions.
View a sneak peek below:


Interested in our program? Click here to inquire and get in contact with a campus enrollment manager!


With God and with each other, we are getting through this time, and we are going to come out of this stronger than ever. Thank you for your continued words of encouragement


We miss you and can't wait to be together again! GO COUGS!


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Thank you, CCS families for your words of encouragement.


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