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The Benefits of Family Chapel

January 29, 2016
By The Cascade Chronicle

In the next edition of the Chronicle, you'll find an article describing Family Chapel at CCS Elementary campuses. In the meantime, here's what Frederickson/Tacoma Principal Tina deVries says about this valuable program:

"The greatest effect of family chapel doesn’t actually happen in the FC moments, though they are wonderful. The greatest part is the bi-product of the relationships that are established and fostered during that time that pour over into our day to day activity. You see older students nurturing younger ones in chapel, at recess, during passing, at morning drop off and more. You see younger students with a sound sense of connectedness and belonging that increases their individual success because they know they are loved and safe. You see our older students organically stepping into leadership moments with little to no encouragement because they know the impact it makes and are empowered to do so. Family chapel is not just chapel, it is the building of a family that undergirds everything else we do."