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Sixth Grade Camp: Unplug and Connect

April 25, 2016
By The Cascade Chronicle

The goal of sixth grade camp has always been to grow in relationships with each other and with God. At camp, we - the faculty, counselors, and students - have a unique opportunity to “unplug” from technology and to be plunked in the middle of God’s beautiful creation to play, learn, worship, and have fun.

Another goal of camp is to make connections with other sixth graders that they may not spend time with at school. Since camp combines students from all CCS elementary campuses, they learn valuable teamwork skills in many of the outdoor classes. When seventh grade arrives, they now have already made positive connections with their classmates, and can be confident about Junior High.

Camp is also a great time of hearing from God. Students get to be involved in discussion time with their cabin mates, using reflection questions from the chapel speaker.

Partnering with Cascade Christian High School, sixth grade camp gives high school juniors the opportunity to be counselors, and speak life into our campers. The counselors bring amazing leadership and mentoring skills to us at camp by leading using

In return, counselors learn skills including how to engage all students in activities, keep their campers safe, and model good sportsmanship among other things. They may not get much sleep, but the teachers rely heavily on good counselors to make sixth grade camp a positive and safe place.

Students are mixed together in small groups of about 10-12 and rotate to seven different stations over the course of two days. Classes can vary, but may include campfire cooking, a rock wall, canoeing, teambuilding games, boondoggle (ask a student about that one!), gym games, and a giant swing.  All stations focus on teamwork and developing good relationships with each other.

Mrs. DeLarme - 6th grade teacher says:
April 27, 2016 12:45 AM CST
Camp is always a highlight of the year for teachers and students. Thanks again to our great counselors, it was a great team effort. Teachers gave over and above of their time, talent, and make Cascade great and I'm proud to call you my friends!