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An "Oh So Fabulous" Teacher

May 27, 2016
By Danielle, CCS Frederickson parent

The following is Facebook post we found and, with permission, are sharing. 

"To most people this might be just a regular picture. But this picture means a lot to me. Evangeline had an event at school today and I brought Emmerich along which I knew would be challenging. And he certainly didn't disappoint... Complete with deafening screaming for no reason and just being a turd in general. So I eventually got fed up and put him up against a wall to scream his heart out so that I could give Evangeline the attention she deserved. And then the oh so fabulous Mrs. Dilley stepped in a sat right next to him and gave him a chat. She has not only invested in Evangeline this year, but she has invested energy into Emmerich too. My heart is full and thankful for the support of this awesome lady. Every kid (and parent) should have Mrs. Dilley."

Danielle's friend Cathy responded: "CCS is the most amazing school and the whole team is fabulous! ! So blessed that our kids get the privilege to attend a Christian school that nurtures, teaches and invest in them. "