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The Final Year

June 22, 2016
By Sarah Pemberton, CCHS Junior

It is an exciting and terrifying time for us juniors – the Class of 2017. We stand on the precipice of senior year, the fulfillment of twelve years of education. In one sense, it is thrilling finally to have made it, to have reached the epitome and end of our childhoods. In another sense, though, it is intimidating knowing all we will have to face this coming year. 

This will be our last year at Cascade Christian, which, for many of us, has been a place of familiarity and friendship since elementary school. It will be our last year at home with our families too, and, although being free and out on our own will certainly be exciting, such a radical change can only be described as bittersweet. On top of all this, our classes will get harder as we seek to challenge ourselves, and we will all experience quite a bit of stress. Of course, the greatest weight on our minds will be college. We will be under a lot of pressure as we find and apply to the right schools (and spend the next few months praying we are accepted). However, this process is not all negative. The college search is such a burden only because we know choosing the perfect one will open up doors for us we never dreamed of.  

It is just this, this promise of new opportunities, which makes our final year so appealing. As the oldest class in the school, we will be able to lead in ways we could not before. We desire to be a group the underclassmen can look up to, as we looked up to the seniors before us, and in light of that, we will strive to make this our best year academically, spiritually, musically, athletically, and socially. As we do this, we also look forward to growing closer as a class. We believe that, as we struggle through the worries and trials of senior year together, we will simultaneously create bonds that last not only through college, but through our entire lives. 

This final year will also prepare us for life beyond high school. We will be, and are now, surrounded by teachers who mentor us, encourage us, and want to see us grow. Many of us will take classes which will help us get ready for or make decisions about our future majors too. For example, I personally am excited that over half my classes will directly equip me for my future in STEM, and a similar situation holds true for my friends interested in literature and the arts. Regardless of what we wish to pursue, we are confident the new experiences and increased responsibilities of the coming year will give us a solid foundation in an unstable world.  

In essence, senior year is full of confusion. Not many of us are entirely sure where we are going or how we are going to get there. It is in this period of vulnerability that we must turn to God, and, through intent prayer and reflection, we will come to see the path He has laid out for our lives. Whatever that plan may be, we are certain it will be a wonderful adventure. Come senior year, we will find ourselves face to face with our futures, staring at an empty page. We will undeniably face uncertainty, but that uncertainty has an exhilarating quality to it. In the end, we should not, we will not, fear because our story is unwritten; rather, we will face the unknown boldly, pens in hand.  

Thanks to Katelyn P., Jason L., Bekah S., Kalina W., Abby O., Britney L., and Megan S. for sharing their expectations for senior year.   

Joyce Blum says:
June 22, 2016 11:47 PM CST

The class of 2017 has been an amazing group of students from the earliest years. What great leaders They are and will be. Thanks for the thoughtful words!