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Why #TrustGod?

September 06, 2016
By Cascade Christian Schools

You might be wondering why Cascade Christian Schools chose to use #TrustGod in our spiritual theme branding this year.

Let’s begin with the most important part: The spiritual theme this year is “Trust God.” And we chose that theme because – through prayer and conversation – we want to help encourage our CCS community to do just that – trust God.

We did not add the hashtag because we think it’s cool or trendy. We realize that hashtags have become such a common practice these days that people have started using them outside of their intended purpose. That is not our intention this year at Cascade Christian Schools. 

Then why did we include the hashtag? Why do our banners, posters, t-shirts, web site, and social media posts say “#TrustGod” instead of just “TrustGod”?

We added the hashtag because we want to use the technology to have a conversation with our CCS community (and beyond) about trusting God. And we want to include everyone who wants to be part of it. That is why hashtags were created – to gather people together in conversation over a common topic. It is our desire that people, including people outside of the CCS Community, be able to search #TrustGod and join the discussion.

So, when you see our theme (which we believe is worth talking about!), please don’t hesitate to join the conversation about how you and your family are learning to trust God in your lives. And please share your testimonies with others… by adding #TrustGod to your posts.

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