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So Many Reasons...

January 11, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools

Just a short trip around the District Office resulted in several different reasons families choose (or chose - many of us are alumni parents!) Cascade Christian Schools - not just as our place of employment, but for the ever-so-important education of our children. Here area few of the answers:

  • It was time for my three-year-old to start preschool, and our friends recommended the Puyallup Early Learning Center. I specifically remember them saying, "If you want him in the fours class, you'd better get him in the threes, or there won't be room! The next thing I knew it was time for elementary school, and because we had established relationships with friends (kids and adults) that we wanted to continue, and loved the Christian education, it was the only choice we could make.
  • We were homeschooling our children through their elementary years. We began discussing the possibility of having our oldest start Cascade Christian in eighth grade. In the years that followed both his sisters joined him at Cascade Christian. We have been so blessed with the teachers they had, friendships they made, and the rigor they encountered preparing them for college and university. We are so appreciative to the staff and leadership of Cascade Christian. Looking back we can see God’s faithfulness to us and to our children.
  • Upon moving back into the area, my kids felt very welcomed during the tour. It made the decision easy.
  • In 2001, we chose CCS for our oldest daughter to attend Kindergarten. Today, all three of our daughters are considered "Lifers" (an termed coined by CCS students that refers to those who start at CCS in Preschool or Kindergarten and continue their schooling here through graduation). We would not have it any other way! We cherish our Cascade community, the solid Christian education, and the dedication in helping us to develop our daughters into strong, yet humble leaders for God.
  • We chose CCS for our family because our school is growing, not dying. We are continually advancing in all areas and I like that. I want that for my children. I love the Christian foundation being provided for my children in a relevant way. I love that CCS teaches to the whole child - spiritual, relational, academic, social, etc. I love the emphasis on leadership and Christ-centered values. I love the diverse community that has shared values and acts as the larger body of Christ. I love the teachers and the leadership. They are all dedicated to my children’s growth and education and that is hard to find. Can’t put a price tag on the impact CCS is having on my kids.
  • I knew I wanted my boys educated in a Christian environment. I was not going to send them to schools that would constantly bombard my boys with messages that were not in line with our Biblical worldview. Cascade Christian (at that time it was Puyallup Valley Christian) offered, not just a Biblically based environment, but a quality education as well. They both graduated and were well prepared for their university experiences. It was clearly the right choice.