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Where Students Are Known...

March 02, 2017
By Michele Suiter, JH Principal

It is not surprising that one of the deepest longings people have is to be known. We long for people to know who we really are, while at the same time grappling with the fear that we might not be accepted for who we are.

This month’s spiritual theme focus story is the woman at the well from John 4. In this story, Jesus encounters a woman with a reputation, a woman who is not only a Samaritan, but one who has been married multiple times and is living with another man. At her core, this woman desperately wants to be loved – to be known – and she isn’t until she encounters Jesus. Jesus not only sees her, he knows her – everything she has done, is doing, and will do. And He loves her. Right there. In her mess, He loves her.

At Cascade Christian Junior High and High School, we understand how critically important it is that your student is known. Therefore, we take great strides to get to know each student, by learning:

  1. Their name. This may sound simple, but we want every student who walks on our campus to know that we know who they are, and that we are glad they are here.
  2. Their strengths. We know that each student is uniquely created by God, and we celebrate that by focusing on their strengths and how they can best use them now and in the future.
  3. Their goals. Each teacher and staff member has an advisory group, where they interact one on one with individual students to help them set and accomplish their goals.
  4. Their hobbies. We know that students are much more than the grades they get in a class or a GPA. Do they love drama? Let them perform. Do they love art? Let them create. Do they love science? Let them experiment. Do they love sports? Let them compete. Do they love to lead? Let them lead.
  5. Their individual educational plan. Each student creates an individual plan for tracking their progress toward their goals. We know that each student is going to take different paths than their peers – we celebrate that and empower it.
  6. Their needs. The wonderful part about knowing our students like we do, is that we have the opportunity to walk alongside them when their needs become overwhelming, and life has hit them hard. We count it a blessing to do life with them.

At Cascade Christian Junior High and High School…

Your student is known.

Your student is loved.

Just where they are.