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Acknowledging God... How do you do that at school?

March 03, 2017
By Cascade Chronicle

Each week, we send out a devotion based on our spiritual theme of the year. It's a great way for our district - staff, students, and families - to stay on the same page spiritually during the year. It's been a joy to hear how "TrustGod" has been playing out in so many people's lives throughout the district.

In February and March, we've been talking about "acknowledging God." He is a truly big and awesome God, who knows us intimately and in whom we can trust.

One of the great things about being a private, Christian school is that we can openly acknowledge God. What are some ways that we do that?
  • Intentional lesson planning. Our teachers are trained and encouraged to integrate the Bible and a biblical worldview into their lessons and the day. Students grow in their faith when they realize how God is woven into math, science, writing, and more!
  • Chapel (over 200 a year!). This is a great opportunity for the students and staff to come together and worship and hear God's word. It's also a time when students get to grow their leadership skills as they sing, play an instrument, or speak in front of their classmates.
  • Family chapels. On the elementary campuses, our older students lead the younger ones through a prepared lesson. 
  • Stories and Songs. At the Early Learning Centers, our days are full of stories and songs that acknowledge God. Lessons lead students to understand how God made them, the animals, and the earth around them.
  • Team Prayer. You don't have to travel far on social media to find where a parent of one of our Cougar athletes has posted a photo of their child praying with their team...often with the opposing team as well!

When we acknowledge God, and train up our children to do so... He will direct our paths!