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CCHS I-term Student Returns to Puyallup Elementary on a Yearly Basis

April 06, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools

CCHS Junior Danny DeBock is fond of our CCS Puyallup Elementary Campus. He must be – he keeps going back.

This spring, for the third year in a row, Danny returned to the school where he started as a Kindergarten student. He knew, even that young, that something was different. The CCS community, he said, “is one of a kind. I haven’t seen a school quite like CCS. The culture is different. How kids interact is different.”

He added that he feels there’s a Christ-like atmosphere at CCS.

Danny was on campus the week of April 3-7 as part of CCHS Impact Term (I-term), where students, “help people around the world,” according to Danny. His team, the Elementary Tutoring team, spent time on campus all week helping teachers and interacting with students. Danny was specifically helping with the 3rd and 5th grade students this week.

During the week, his favorite thing to do is play with the kids at recess and PE. “That’s where I find my enthusiasm, energy and passion. I’ve had some defining moments playing sports,” he stated.

He keeps returning to CCS Puyallup Elementary because, “I’ve been blessed with really great teachers (here and at the JH/HS). I have grown mentally, spiritually, physically, socially being at CCS. I am here to serve. God has put me here for a reason. I want to be where God has called me.”

He adds that he’s grown in the last year. “My life is completely different from last year. A lot has changed. In sports, I was number one in tennis. Then I lost a heartbreaking match, and learned that sports isn’t everything. I had to pick myself and learn from it, but it was very hard to get past. It’s made me stronger. I've learned that it’s what you do after a defeat that makes you who you are, and makes you better for the next match or the next season.”

Speaking of the next season, will he return to Puyallup Elementary for his Senior year I-term? “I'd have to pray about it. I would love to, or go abroad.”

He sees other things in his future, possibly coaching (on the side), a good job, and a wife and family. But most importantly, he says, “I want to be where God wants me in life, my main purpose is serving God.”