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What do we see here?

May 04, 2017
By Kristina Rivera, Campus Enrollment Manager

At any given moment you can take a walk around our amazing Frederickson campus and see proof of God’s greatness. Today I was blessed by this view. To many, this may not stand out as anything extraordinary, however, what I see is collaboration. I see unity. I see us (the CCS community) walking out our core purpose, while developing our core character traits.

I see our “feature teacher,” Mrs. Sievers, who is working so hard and faithfully to prepare our students for our upcoming Spring performance. She is helping our students to learn to glorify God in all they do and work as a team to gain, knowledge, excellence, integrity, and dignity.

I see Heidi collaborating with her to make sure everyone is where they need to be all while giving instruction with love and grace being an example of Christ like leadership to all those around.

Then, I see Pricilla unselfishly giving her time and God-given talents to help make this program shine. She is engaging with our children, and encouraging them.

Last, but not least, I see our students. They are not only working hard to demonstrate all these things that they are learning, but they are also learning, through example, what it means to be a community, to have unity, and to advance God’s kingdom through action and gifts.

#TrustGod #CCScommunityrocks