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Student Writers Respond "Like the Psalmist"

May 10, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools

This year, CCS elementary campuses have implemented a new writing curriculum. In one exercise, McAlder campus teacher Laura Gruner took her students outside to sit in the sunshine, and asked them to respond to a prompt: “Like the psalmist, respond to God with what is in your heart.”

“These quotes are too wonderful to be kept in my classroom,” Gruner shared in an email. She added that the new curriculum has really brought the writing talents of some students to light, and says “Every piece of writing is so fun to read.”

Here is what they wrote:

“I always wanted a permanent friend that’s always there for me.” -5th Grade Student

“Summer brings laughter and a tint of sadness. Summer brings responsibility, but most of all summer brings the family closer together.” -5th Grade Student

“What’s on my mind is [my old school], it’s weird to not be popular but I like it here because there’s no pressure… At McAlder it’s really easy to make friends.” -5th Grade Student

“I know it’s all about God’s master plan, and He will protect us.” -5th Grade Student

“At the beginning of the year I was scared… I don’t like change… God has a plan for us and to fulfill it, there will be some change.” -5th Grade Student

“God has a plan even if it seems he’s not there sometimes. I had that happen to me, I felt like I didn’t have a plan, but God helped me and now I’m at McAlder.” -5th Grade Student

It was scary changing schools and leaving friends. But it wasn’t scary getting on my feet again. I made new friends and studied for tests, and it wasn’t scary anymore. I trusted God, I pressed on, and I found my higher calling that is here at McAlder!” -4th Grade Student

“I know that [God] will never leave me and He will be with me always. God will help me out if I need help through anything…” -4th Grade Student

Another student chose to record what he could see:

“The sky is blue, with swirling figures in it. The sun is shining, maybe too brilliantly. The grass is green with my Bible on it. Water droplets form in the sky, swarming toward the brilliant blue. I love the rain; it brings plants to life, makes it a relief on such a sunny day. With too much sun, it makes plants drowsy, and they lose all their hope. There are big bundles of trees, all shining with hope, except for the one doomed from winter. A wind from God brings shivers to the grass. Alas, alas, it brings new plants to life with all seeds coming off the trees. The clouds are moving away with satisfaction.” -4th Grade Student

Kristina R says:
May 10, 2017 03:53 PM CST
Wow..... I am blown away by the thoughts that are articulated here. Great job students, you are amazing.