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Prepared for an Emergency

September 26, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools

With the safety of our students and staff in today's changing threat environment as our major goal, Cascade Christian Schools has done a complete review of emergency plans and procedures over the last several months.

As always, the mission of the Cascade Christian Schools emergency plan is to protect lives and property, mitigate the effects of a disaster, and prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

In collaboration with the Puyallup and Pierce County first responders, CCS is using the Incident Command System (ICS), which “represents best practices and has become the standard for emergency management across the country” according to FEMA. Although there are five hazards that are possibly the highest concerns for our campuses — active shooter, earthquake, fire, lahar, intruder (lockdown), and radiological/chemical hazards (shelter-in-place) — it is understood that in today’s changing threat environment, Cascade Christian Schools must prepare for all emergencies.

The CCS emergency plan identifies and clarifies emergency roles and responsibilities for CCS students and staff, and it empowers them in an emergency, helping them enact those roles. Laws passed by the Legislature and enacted by the Washington Administrative Codes regulate Washington State K–12 schools. While most are specific to public schools, CCS uses these laws as best practice in setting our high standards for creating safe schools.

One of the major changes from our previous plan is the addition of campus-specific reunification procedures to ensure safe and secure means of accounting for students and reuniting parents/guardians with their children. On-campus and off-campus reunification sites have been identified, and they include a secure student staging area and a parent check-in area, as well as other essential components. The reunification plan is in place because the safety of your child our utmost priority.

Watch for additional information in the coming months as we continue to implement our new emergency plan.