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New Library and Computer Lab Has Multiple Benefits to Puyallup Elementary Campus

September 27, 2017
By Jennifer Luce, Puyallup Elementary

The new Library and Computer Lab at Puyallup Elementary opened this fall. It’s a beautiful, open, spacious, and efficient room. There are so many things to love about the new space, including an area with a fun carpet to sit on for story time and lessons, and more books than before - including a newly expanded biography section, which the students love. The computer lab, with its highly-functional layout, can be used for testing, instruction, and even staff training. It is centrally located within the school, so students, teachers, and parents alike have better access.

MAP testing in the new lab has already been a blessing. Mr. Broberg states that test scores will improve simply with the new layout. Mrs. Needham feels it is more consistent to be able to proctor the class as a whole, rather than in sections.

Even the position of the computers allows her to see all the student screens and assist when needed. Students can see the projected computer and iPad screens from their seats and are able to follow along as they watch and listen to instruction.

On the Library side, there are now places to show featured authors and subjects, and display new books to the collection, as well as post student achievements, such as the most words read in a month. There are tables that students can use to spread out when doing research, or for teachers or parent volunteers to work as well.

Librarian and Media Specialist Mrs. Needham loves the new space. “It has been on my heart to do more with students in a combined library and computer space. Before we had to split up the classes, and time was used transitioning that took away from learning time. Now I have much more flexibility in teaching. I can truly invest in the task at hand, and I am able to better integrate library skills with the computer world. I want the library and computer lab to be a learning space, and hope to soon offer technology classes as part of Extended School.”

Renée Roquet says:
October 01, 2017 09:28 AM CST
Wonderfully written. So exciting to see our children have access to such promising things!