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Building a Strong Faculty and Staff

October 02, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools
  Mrs. Blum leads August Mentor training.

At Cascade Christian Schools, we strongly believe in building up and supporting all our faculty and staff. And we know that the success of our teachers, especially our new ones, means the success of our students.

To start them off right, all new faculty and staff go through a rigorous induction. They hear about the history and culture of Cascade Christian. They gain understanding of our guiding principles. These teachers receive Biblical Worldview Integration training as well as training on classroom management and environment. They are introduced to our digital resources as well.

In addition, we have developed a Mentor Teacher Program at CCS, where all new teachers are assigned a mentor teacher - before school even begins. Most teachers also have the curriculum in their hands long before the school year starts, and this allows the mentors to connect with the new teachers on several levels. They offer emotional, institutional, instructive and physical support all throughout the school year. These mentor teachers have been trained to be intentional about their role in the success of our new teachers.

Principals have been trained purposefully to support our new teachers. They are trained to be intentional in connecting with them, in helping them set practical growth goals, and to be specific in their many classroom observations of the teachers.

Our new teachers also have the district-level support of Joyce, Blum, Director of Student Learning. This means that she also connects with each new teacher, observes them in their classroom, and helps them with their growth goals.

We are dedicated to making sure every student will learn at their highest level. We love our new teachers and are so thankful they decided to join our team. And, as a team, we will continue to support them as we move through the school year.

Some of our amazing teacher mentors!