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The CCS Educational Roadmap: the Route to Each Student's Success

October 26, 2017
By Cascade Christian Schools

We have become so reliant on GPS and apps like Google Maps to know the best way to get to our destination. We put the destination in and then the app tells us when to turn or, if we miss a turn, how to get back on the right route to get to our destination (“recalculating...”).

At Cascade Christian Schools, our Educational Roadmap, which we are introducing at this fall’s parent conferences, is our educational Google Map for each of our students.

It is our desire that every parent not only see their student’s current educational level, but what the trajectory for their success is at CCS, year to year, and educational level to educational level.

In preparation of the upcoming K-12 conferences, you can see below how the Educational Roadmap is presented at each grade level of conferences, whether teacher-led or student-led.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade – Teacher-led Conference:
  • Share report card and current work.
  • Share MAP data.
  • Educational Roadmap: Share projected growth for the year and plan to get there.
  • Educational Roadmap: Share trajectory for growth to the end of 3rd grade. Express the importance of mastery in reading and math fundamentals for success in 4th grade – 6th grade).
3rd through 6th grade – Student-led Conference:
  • Share portfolio of current work.
  • Share report card.
  • Share goals and action steps in math and reading (based on MAP data), as well as behavioral goals.
  • Teacher shares Educational Roadmap, which includes trajectory for this year and the trajectory for being excellently prepared for success into junior high and eventually high school.
7th through 12th grade – Student-led Conference:
  • Share first semester goals action steps.
  • Share samples of current work in all core subjects, including areas of strength as well as areas of needed improvement.
  • Review strengths coaching worksheet.
  • Share standardized test results (MAP, PSAT, ACT, etc.). Connect MAP scores to Educational Roadmap and show trajectory to college choices. Share action steps needed to get there.
We desire and anticipate that the Educational Roadmap discussions will be a catalyst for conversations with parents and school:
  • What destination do you see for your student? Where do they want to go to college? What are their career aspirations?
  • What are the opportunities and offerings at the next level for your student? What do they need to do to be prepared for these opportunities?

We believe this is great news! We have an educational plan for your child, from early learning through graduation!