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January 24, 2019
By By Kelly Rybachuk, Mom and PfC Leader

When I was in elementary, I went to a small Christian school connected to a church in Bremerton. My parents worked full time and my sister and I attended school there from preschool until sixth grade, including after school care. I remember knowing all of the kids in all grades, knowing all of the teachers as well, an amazing principal that really connected with families (Dr. Friesen in fact!), and my parents volunteering for many things. I remember my parents once forgot me late one night because they each thought the other had picked me up from school. I didn’t feel sad at all because I knew the people I was with and I felt safe there. My school felt like a family.

When I thought about where I wanted my kids to go to school, I leaned toward private school because that’s how I grew up and I knew the value of it from my own experience, not only with the amazing community, but with academics as well. I am so thankful that we found what we were looking for here at Cascade Christian Schools!

Currently, we have a student at the junior high, one in elementary, and one in the ELC. I love what I see at every level! I’ve watched my kids grow and change in ways I couldn’t have imagined and I know that it has so much to do with the teachers who have encouraged and supported them along the way. They’ve been challenged academically and they’ve also been well supported when they’ve had a hard time with learning.

It’s been so apparent to me how much each teacher shows genuine care for my children not only in their academics, but also in their character and helping to develop their faith and love for God. I love how my kids have come home talking about their chapel lessons. I Iove that as they get older, they are given opportunities to lead family chapel, lead worship, and many other things.

I have seen both my girls grow in confidence in themselves, and in their leadership and academic abilities every single year. My oldest went from barely talking to anyone in her preschool class and shyness in early elementary to being the Genie in the Aladdin play last year!

My son has wonderful ELC teachers who are calm and patient and understanding when he cries each time I leave, which gives me calm as well. I know that he will continue to grow through this just as I’ve seen my daughters grow. Personally, I have always been more reserved and quiet, but jumping in to become involved in this community, and even becoming a PfC Leader, has taken me so far out of my comfort zone that I have grown immensely as well, both spiritually and in confidence in myself.  

Over the last nine years, we’ve committed to keeping our kids in this school even though it hasn’t always been easy. When we found out we were unexpectedly having our third child a few years ago, finances became very tight when I had to work less, but we made it work as best we could because we knew it was the best place for our kids to be. Not only have my kids been well supported over the years through difficulties, but my family has as well. I don’t know how we would have coped at times if not for the support of the amazing parents and staff at CCS. I truly feel that my family has benefited knowing we have a community that supports us.  

If I’m choosing a place to have my kids spend their day away from me, Cascade Christian Schools is the place I want them to be. Even when it’s not perfect, I know they are getting a great education and that they are genuinely loved and cared for by the leaders, teachers, and staff. They are in a school that feels like a family.

Still Choosing,

Kelly Rybachuk, Mom and PfC Leader